Set in an open sea cove, protected by a breakwater of 850 meters, it offers a priveleged condition for the cargoes movement , in sheltered and deep waters. Inaugurated on May 4th, 1942 and currently administered by SC Participações e Parcerias S.A., Public Company of the State of Santa Catarina, stands out in the conquest of new cargoes and expanding its area of economic activity.


Strategically located at 90km south of Florianopolis and 372km north of Porto Alegre, to meet the southern region of Brazil, the Imbituba Port provides services for handling all kinds of loads, in multipurpose port feature.










BERTHS 1 e 2 (conjuggated):


With 330,000m² of operational area and 660m of berthing length, no air draft and maneuvres hours restrictions.




With 330m long, accepts vessels with maximum LOA of 290m and a maximum draft of 13,50m. Its preferred order is liquid bulk carriers, dry bulk, general cargo and others.




With 330m in length, includes ships with maximum LOA of 349m, with a maximum draft of 13,50m. Its priority is for containers vessels and the preferential order is for general cargo vessels, dry bulk, liquid bulk and others.




With 245m lengt, allows berthing of vessels up to 200m LOA, with a maximum draft of 11,00m. Ships with a draft up to 11,50m should await high tide to berth. Its preferential order are ships with dry bulk, liquid bulk and others. Also, there are no air draft as well as maneuvres hours restrictions